Polygraph Examination

It is very easy to set up an appointment for a polygraph examination at my conference room in Middletown NY 10940,  your home,  attorney's office or your company. The best practice as to when to perform a polygraph examination is in the day never at night when the person may be tired.The examination can take a few hours to do depending on what we need to go over, but it's never a five-minute process.Once the examination is concluded I need to analyze the data and generate a full written report normally within 24 hours.

It is your responsibility to ensure the person taking the polygraph examination has no known medical problems such as asthma {using an inhaler} or any heart condition and what if any medications the person is taking from their doctor.They must also be informed not to smoke any cigarettes, consume any coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks approximately 2 hours before the exam. If the individual is pregnant and under six months {6} I would need a doctors note on the doctor's letterhead that it's okay to take the examination but after six months {6} I will not test.

** Use of marijuana or any other street drugs within a few days of the examinationIn can effective the results making them inconclusive; therefore the person taking the exam needs to stop all illegal drug use 3 to 4 days before the exam.

If this is for a Criminal case, and your attorney is requesting you to submit to a polygraph examination by a highly experienced accredited examiner whose polygraph examination have been recognized by law enforcement agencies, District Attorney's Office and many leading criminal defense attorneys please contact me as I will work with you and your attorney to help your situation. You can also have your attorney's office contact me to set up the polygraph examination. If the person taking the examination is incarcerated their attorney will need to obtain permission for me to enter the correctional facility and performed the polygraph examination. Every polygraph examination done by NY POLYGRAPH is always 100% confidential Attorney - client privilege.

Examinations, can be conducted in your attorneys conference room, your home or at my conference room in Middletown, NY 10940 Appointment needed.

If this is for a Business, employers are required by law to give written 48 hour notice to any employees they are requesting to take a polygraph examination along with the reason for the test. The Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. For rules and laws on giving a polygraph examination in the workplace please contact your attorney or State Department of Labor. No more than five examinations can be done in one day due to the time it takes to perform each exam. Anyone taking the exam is required to have proper identification and also sign a consent to release form in front of me that I will provide at the time of the  examination.

If this is for Private use, and the examination is being conducted at your home you will need a standard size table 4 x 4 minimum, two chairs one chair being without wheels or padding on. No coffee tables, end tables, computers stands, lawn furniture, snack trays or couches. The polygraph cannot be done in an open area with people walking about or with loud noises in the room. If you do not have the proper environment  for me to preform the exam in, no exam will be done and you will have to re-do the whole appointment.

All animals  need to be outside the area I am testing in. All examinations need to be prepaid to secure the date and time of examination and are not refunded for any reason once the payment is made and the date and time confirm by email or text, even if the person can''t or will will not take the examination. Depending on many factors results can be inconclusive but the exam is considered completed, if due to drug or alcohol use unknown medical problems, the person does not cooperate intentionally or otherwise or refuses to take the exam.

John Ross only performs polygraph examinations to the highest standards of the American Polygraph Association. Please don''t ask me to take shortcuts and to hurry because the process takes time. There are also no tricks or surprises in polygraph testing the person taking the exam, will know all the questions before we do anything.

A real polygraph examination is in a precise format you can''t keep adding questions on. I have been interviewing people for over 40 years so please let me formulate the proper questions to help resolve your situation.

There are many reasons why but I do not test children for any reason. Unlike others NY POLYGRAPH does not have any advertising on his vehicle that will alert anyone of what I am doing at your home.